Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hi There

Well here we go another week and another card. This is my four week countdown card for my Niece.

I know she liked this card and on the final page I added a picture of the future bride and groom.
We went to the church today, where the wedding is being held, my husband is going to do a reading  and we needed to know what was expected of him. 

Its now three weeks to the wedding but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the card.
See you soon.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hi All

I hope you are all well and have not experienced any flooding but if the forecast is correct the weather should be changing any time soon. Let's hope we are in for some sunshine any time soon.
Here is the card I made for my Niece who had five weeks to her wedding, now it is almost 4 but you have to wait for that card.

It was a 2 hour class and she kept us busy but we all enjoyed it.

See you soon.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Hi All

Well haven't we had some bad weather rain, rain and more rain. We went to the Air show last Saturday and had a great day, but it  turned cold and then we had some rain' but what's new. After that we spent a few days in Norfolk and hay Ho the sun came out for two days but on the way home it rained again.

So back to my card making I have made another countdown card for my Niece.

This was a very simply card but I only had a couple of hours before I needed to get it in the post. The picture is not too great but I was pleased with the finished card.

See you soon