Monday, 14 March 2011

Sisters Birthday And Memories

I made the following card for my Sisters birthday. Last year she complained because her birthday card was boring compared to one I made for another member of the family. I think it was the style of the card she liked so much. So this year she has an easel card the style she so much admired.  So here's hoping I have it right this year.

The picture I used is a free digi stamp from the web. It remind me so much of her as a child my Mother used to style our hair like this which is a pony tail on the top of your head tied up with a ribbon. I hope she can see herself in the image. Unfortunately she had almost white hair at the time and I could not replicate this in the stamped image. I still remember the photograph of the three sisters stood together all holding their dolls.

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  1. oh thats pretty audrey, she will love it ( says lou holding an ice pack on the bump on her head she got when falling off her chair seeing an audrey blog post......)!!
    hugs Lou xxx