Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hi All

I hope you are all keeping warm in this miserable cold weather how things have changed since the weekend. It was so lovely and warm here on Saturday in fact it was far  too warm in my sun room. So out came my patio chairs and the sun shade and there I was enjoying the sun for the rest of  afternoon. Life was bliss for us all here for the day in Lincoln.

So today it is chilly again so I decided to make a couple of cards with my new do-craft Michael Powell Stamps. I have always wanted to go to Tuscany in Italy so these stamps have become a bit of a favourite with me. 

The pictures do not do justice to all my hard work. I did have a third stamp completed but my matting and layering proved to be a problem again so it ended up in the bin. I coloured the images with my pro markers which took a lot of time but I do enjoy colouring so much. 

See you soon 


  1. Hi audrey nice to see you in blogland, i love the card's you have done they must have taken you a long time to colour them in. x d

  2. Oh Audrey two lovely cards great colouring.
    I'm sure the other wasn't that bad for the bin.
    Fi x
    Lets try post this do we still have that word verification on !!!! lets see. Lol Umm it's proving a little tricky tonight Third time lucky

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  4. Hi Audrey nice cards bet they took you ages to colour in. I forget to do DL size cards and they do look great
    Love and hugs
    Pauline B

  5. Hiya, Audrey!!! Wow, what a pretty card!!!

    It feels good to be back visiting with my family-friends again! Taking care of my aunt is my pleasure, but I dearly missed all my blogland friends and their super talented craft projects -- like your card!!! I'm so hoping I can hang around for a while this time.

    Thanks for stopping by, always happy to see you, and good luck in my RAK giveaway!

    Hugs, my friend!